Are you planning to play in a crypto casino? Then you have come to the right place to find out what you need to know. Here at Cryptosnacks, we provide everything you need to enjoy your gambling experience. While at the same time, we provide you with the information you need to play safely and securely. You first must know that you should always play on a crypto casino with a license. To use cryptocurrency in a casino online is not entirely regulated, and there are some grey areas regarding this.

Even though the regulations haven’t caught up to the cryptocurrency part of online gambling, you should always make sure you play in a casino with a gambling license. You should always ensure that you are protected and that the casino has a license. The casinos you can find are all regulated and licensed by a competent gambling Authority on our website. So, if you want to play with cryptocurrency, you should check out our crypto gaming section.

Always play on crypto casinos with a license. 

It would be best if you always played in casinos with licenses since this means they are regulated. The license can be issued by Curacao, Malta, or any other jurisdiction, but the casino must have a license. Cryptocurrency is not legal tender, meaning there are no specific regulations regarding gambling with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies provide a safe and secure way to transfer and receive funds. In many cases, it can be viewed as nearly anonymous, leading to stricter laws in some countries. Always check that you are allowed to use cryptocurrency in your country.

The license provides an extra layer of security and ensures that the casino you play on is legit. Find crypto casino sites with a trustworthy license with our help.

Is it legal to gamble with cryptocurrency? 

In most countries and jurisdictions, it’s a grey area to gamble with cryptocurrency; it’s not illegal but legal tender in most countries. So, you should be able to gamble away using any cryptocurrency you want. There are still just a few gambling Authorities that issue gambling licenses to casinos that focus on cryptocurrency.

The Gambling Authority will issue the most common gambling license in Curacao. It’s a safe and secure license that provides you with the protection you need to gamble without worrying. You can always find casinos with a license here on Cryptosnacks. We provide lists and reviews that give you all the information you need.

Most crypto casinos will also keep a list of countries where the players located can’t play in the casino. This section is usually in the casino’s FAQ or Terms and conditions. Always check that you can play in the casino before registering or signing up.

What is a license? 

A casino or gaming company must have a license to offer betting, casino, or anything else gambling-related. If you can win money, the casino must have a license issued by a Gambling Authority. The most common one when it comes to crypto casinos is a license from the Government of Curacao. The license guarantees that the casino follows the rules and regulations that exist.

The license also allows you to check that the casino offers fair betting and gambling. If there is a problem for any reason, then you have a government authority to turn to that can help. Playing a crypto casino with a license ensures you can relax while playing and not worry about the security or that you will not be getting your winnings. There are plenty of different licenses issued by different gambling Authorities worldwide.

It’s rare to see a license for a crypto casino issued by MGA (Malta Gambling Authority) or a UK Gambling license. The main reason for this is that cryptocurrencies are not regulated and are not viewed as legal tender. But make sure you play in a casino with at least a license from Curacao.

Check the license before starting to play.

Here on Cryptosnacks, we provide you with a link in our reviews where you can verify and check the casino’s license independently. We want you to be able to play safely and securely with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Snacks. So, before playing games at a crypto casino, check if the site has a valid license. 

By always checking if the crypto casino has a valid license, you can rest assured that it’s regulated and that the casino follows all rules and laws. Play safely and enjoy your gambling experience with our help while also getting bonuses and a great selection of games.

Gambling licenses are only one part of playing safely. 

A casino that has a license is a good place to start. But other tools should also be available to feel safe and secure when you play in the casino. The casino should offer you a provably fair stamp and responsible gaming. It should not only be about the license, even though the crypto casino must have one.

Look through the FAQ section to get all the information regarding the crypto casino. See which licenses are available and if the casino offers responsible gaming. Some crypto casinos use third-party auditors to show that the casino offers fair play and follows the rules. When you use our website, you can always be sure that the casinos follow all the rules and regulations.

In our reviews and lists, we provide you with an easy way to see what licenses the casino has and where you can check the license yourself. We are dedicated to helping you play safely and securely while giving you an easy way to get amazing casino bonuses and gameplay.